Ruffian Post is a full service post-production studio located in the heart of London – providing Editorial, Visual Effects, 3D Animation, Online Editing, and Finishing services to the Advertising, TV, Film and Music industries. We believe in powerful storytelling and have an unbounded passion for turning your creative ideas into stunning, visual realities.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects is a little phrase that means a whole lot. We are artists. We can do set extension, crowd replication, beauty work, matte painting, rig removal, lens effects, environments, characters, animation, compositing and anything else required for your project.  We pride ourselves on our fine understanding of light, form, composition, and colour and our meticulous attention to detail and look forward to helping you bring your imaginings to life.

3D Animation

Whether it’s photorealistic, life-like machinery you are after or a lovable, animated CG character, we can bring your story to life using 3D animation (aka CGI.) We use state-of-the art hardware and software and, in addition to our talented CG artists, we also employ a flexible and fully scalable external rendering system that enables us to take on even the largest of projects and expertly complete them in a timely fashion.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics encompasses anything from infographics, cartoon characters, interactive projections, idents, animated titles and logos, to simple end frames, or fully synced music visuals for concerts or live shows and experiences. From 2D facial motion-capture to apps and games, we’re always experimenting with the latest technologies, so, as it all becomes some sort of in-your-face-Google-glass something or other, we’ll be there – ahead of the curve. 

Offline Editing

The offline is where the magic happens in the edit.  We may no longer be cutting film strips and taping them back together again, but no fancy equipment or software can replace the grace and precision of a talented Editor… and we have several of them!   Whether it’s an attended edit here at the studio or we’re sending you organised versions for approval, our editors are the top trained and highly skilled artists in the industry.

Online & Grade

Sculpting your project from the offline edit all the way through to the online, we will work closely with you to perfect the edit through all its iterations and deliver a stunning, high quality end product for you – quickly and conveniently.  We have a team of highly skilled editors and graders who will be with you every step of the way in our small and intimate edit suite located in the heart of London (complete with all the amenities) for your attended edit.


Whether translating voiceovers or titles into different languages, changing an old product offer or adding a new one, doing a ten second cutdown, or even completely transforming an old commercial into a totally new one, we can help!  Our sister casting company, Plaster Cast can source VOs in any language or dialect or provide additional actors or models as needed. Once finished, we’ll deliver it promptly and in any format – ready to air again.